Heat Transfer is a critical process in all manufacturing industries, mainly in refining, chemical, food, pharmaceutical and utility industries. Heat Exchangers have been used for decades in these industries to transfer heat from one fluid or gas to another in processes such as heating and cooling of base, intermediate and final products. Shell and tube heat exchangers and Air Cooled heat exchangers are the most widely used varieties in most industries. Tubes in these exchangers are prone to defects such as ID/OD pitting, corrosion, inlet erosion, fretting / baffle cutting, gouging, cracking and other forms of chemically induced or mechanical damage. Identifying, locating and quantifying these defects in a timely manner is critical for continued operations of processes within any industry. Accutec has extensive experience in testing and evaluating heat exchangers of all material types based on ASNT and API guidelines. Our heat exchanger inspection program includes:

  • API 510 evaluation – Shell
  • Eddy Current Technique – Tubular Testing of Non-Ferromagnetic Materials
  • Remote Field Electromagnetic Technique – Tubular Testing of Ferromagnetic Materials
  • IRIS – Tubular Testing
  • Ultrasonic Testing – Shell

We provide a comprehensive approach to Heat Exchanger inspection where the entire system is evaluated to identify root cause of failures and determine damage mechanism. Detailed inspection reports provide color coded maps, location of defects, damage mechanism and 3D view of exchanger. Additionally, we also povide API 510 based evaluation of the entire shell and tube exchanger system.