Boilers are central to power & steam generation and potential for failures in various components in boiler circuitry exists. Tubular failures are a leading cause of forced outages in the power industry. These include failures in furnace tubes, superheater / reheater tubes, generating bank tubes or in pre-boiler circuitry such as feedwater heaters, condensers and various coolers. Damage mechanisms identified / detected include corrosion, hydrogen damage, gouging, erosion, cracking, ID/OD pitting and fatigue. Accutec can assist in minimizing forced outages in boilers and maximizing asset life and cost savings by implementing an inspection program that can identify and mitigate potential failures in a timely manner. Our services include testing utilizing various NDE methods on the following components:

  • Combustion Chamber / Furnace – Tubes, Sootblowers, Burners,
  • Economizer, Superheater & Reheater – Tubes and Headers
  • Generating Bank – Steam & Mud Drums, Tubes
  • Headers
  • Feedwater Heaters
  • Condensers
  • Coolers – Lube Oil Coolers, Hydrogen Coolers etc.
  • High Energy Piping
  • Turbines
  • Deaerator System – DA Tank & FWH Storage Tank

Testing Methods include Electromagnetic Techniques, Advanced Ultrasonic Testing Techniques and several conventional methods. We can implement a preventative maintenance program including periodic monitoring or provide inspections for various components as needed to detect and quantify defects. Detailed reports are provided immediately following completion of work and include findings and recommendations.