Above Ground Storage Tanks Home – Service – Above Ground Storage Tanks Storage Tanks are essential in all industries to store raw material and final product. In several cases, storage tanks store chemicals that can be corrosive / harmful to the environment and leaks in such tanks can lead to hefty fines by the EPA. Preventive maintenance is critical to maintaining integrity of these systems, particularly PSM rated tanks. At Accutec, we designed and developed our inspection programs with clients requirements in mind. Our inspection and monitoring of Storage Tanks include:

  • External and Internal API 653 Inspections,
  • Tank Floor Inspections
  • Floor and Shell Weld Inspections
  • Tank Roof Evaluations
  • Settlement Surveys

We utilize several techniques to test tanks including Electromagnetic Techniques for floor & weld inspections, Vacuum Box testing and Ultrasonic Thickness Testing for shell, floor and welds. Our reports wil provide detailed findings and recommendations to increase asset life.