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Mechanical Integrity

Mechanical Integrity Solutions based on OSHA’s Process Safety Management guidelines for plant assets to ensure compliance from design and installation to operation and maintenance.


Tube Leaks and boiler related failures are the leading cause of downtime and forced outages in the utility industry. We provide various services to test boilers in an effort to minimize downtime, avoid costly failures and maintain asset life.

Heat Exchangers

Heat Exchangers are universally used in every manufacturing industry. Our exchanger inspection methods can be utilized to proactively identify defects in tubes to prevent failures and increase life expectancy of these critical components.

Pressure Vessels & Columns

Pressure Vessels are a critical component in manufacturing. Our comprehensive inspection & testing programs are designed to increase life expectancy of these components.

Process Piping

Process Piping systems are susceptible to several forms of service induced degradation. We provide comprehensive inspections, testing and mapping for all piping systems.

Storage Tank

Storage Tanks are critical for storage of product is susceptible to degradation. Our storage tank inspection and testing program is designed based on industry best practices utilizing API 653 guidelines.

Industries Served

Industries Served

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Our goal is to utilize our experience and expertise to maximize asset life, increase cost savings & help keep workers, facilities, communities & the environment safe. Please contact us for a competitive quote.

How can we help you with our Expert Consulting

Asset integrity management is a constant business challenge with balancing designing, maintenance and replacement of assets through their life cycle while keeping costs down & minimizing revenue losses. At the heart of this challenge is managing the degradation of assets with enhanced focus on extending life of components past its life cycle.

Identifying root cause of failures is key to chart a path forward in detection and quantifying. Our team of experts are highly experienced and knowledgeable in damage mechanisms affecting the manufacturing industry and are here to help

Root cause identification is followed by the determination of best testing methods to detect & isolate deficiencies. Our advanced testing capabilities can be used on a wide range of metallurgies to detect all kinds of material degradation

Accutec can provide NDT expertise and technology at a very competitive price to identify and size defects in plant equipment, increase life expectancy and minimize forced outages and downtime